Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose

Acino Healthcare Group delivers quality pharmaceuticals to promote affordable health care.

We aspire to become a preferred brand for patients and health care professionals in the emerging markets.

Our Values

Our values are a fundamental part of our culture and business. They describe who we are, what we stand for and are signposts for what we need to aspire to in our everyday actions.

  • Trust

    Firmly believe in reliability, truth and ability to deliver. Show confidence. Be loyal. Act as a team player. Be transparent.

  • Commitment

    Be goal and result oriented. Be focused. Keep promises. Show personal engagement. Be responsible. Go the extra mile. Take ownership. Be customer and patient oriented in the entire value chain.

  • Courage

    Dare to challenge, change and get out of your comfort zone. Stand up for your opinion. Take risks. Embrace challenges.

  • Empathy

    Show openness and respect. Put yourself in the shoes of the other person. Care for others and recognize their contribution. Listen.