CEAM is the Acino business unit responsible for the regulation, sale, marketing, supply and management of all Acino products in English speaking Africa (ESA) and Mauritius.

This includes compliance, quality management and Pharmacovigilance (PV) to ensure the highest standard of care for patients making use of the Acino range of pharmaceuticals.

The in-country implementation of the business is carried out by specially selected dedicated local distributors, who are responsible for the importation and in-country sales of the Acino products. Acino develops all marketing strategy and materials and manages the performance and compliance of all contracted distributors in all ESA and Mauritius.

This Business unit is managed out of Acino Healthcare Group, South Africa.

General Manager CEAM – Kevin Peddie – with over 20 years experience in working in emerging markets.

Mail: kevin.peddie@acino.swiss

Mobile: +27 829001260

Office: +27 115161700