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On September 25, South Africa celebrates Heritage Day. On this day, South Africans across the spectrum are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions, in the wider context of a nation that belongs to all its people.

‘It’s important that we remain close to our community, and also celebrate the diversity in our business.’ Said Caryn Eliasov, HR Director South Africa.

In the picture you can see the fantastic Jo-burg Canteen team in Xhosa and Zulu dress, as well as other employees who brought their traditions to the office last week.

As the newest part of Acino, the South Africa team is now part of a multi-national, swiss-based company that is making an impact for patients but has already settled in well with their new colleagues.

‘In South Africa we have so much diversity. We’re a very open and friendly team and we’ve all embraced being part of another community.’

‘We’ll see what we can do for August first, when Switzerland celebrates their national day – we might even try some Unspunnen dancing*!’ Caryn adds with a smile.

*Unspunnen is a traditional swiss dance, performed while wearing traditional costume.  

Middle East and Africa in numbers

  • €126mSales 2016
  • 9%Annual growth 2016
  • >480Number of employees
  • Sales 2016
  • Annual growth 2016
  • Number of employees


Acino Middle East & Africa (MEA) is managed through our Regional Office in Dubai and operates in a highly diversified region. Organized in five clusters – Iraq, Saudi Arabia (KSA), GLE, French Speaking Africa (FSA), and English Speaking Africa (ESA) – we have strong local teams in our markets with a sales force of nearly 400 medical sales representatives and strong distribution partnerships across the region.

Driven by passion and committed to quality, our teams have a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of a large number of markets that might be difficult to access. Our approach is driven by the highest ethical and compliance standards which we apply to all our relationships with customers, partners and employees.

With organic sales growth above market growth in 2016, Acino MEA is seeking to expand local structures to bring quality medicines for a healthier tomorrow in emerging markets.


  • Address

    Acino MEA FZ LLC

    Building 24, 2nd Floor, Office #. 204
    Dubai Healthcare City
    Post Box 505296
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Contact

    Roger Bassoul

    Regional Head, Middle East & Africa
    Phone +971 4 556 5444